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Company Name: Ranchak Campers Sdn Bhd


BOOKTAPAK is an innovative online booking platform dedicated to campsite reservations in Malaysia. We strive to simplify the camping experience by offering a user-friendly platform that connects campers with a diverse range of campsites, from serene forests to picturesque riverbanks and captivating highlands. Our mission is to promote outdoor adventure and provide a seamless way for campers to discover and book their ideal camping destinations.

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  1. Press Releases: Official statements and announcements from BOOKTAPAK.
  2. High-Resolution Images: High-quality photos of campsites and camping experiences.
  3. Interviews: Available for interviews with BOOKTAPAK representatives.
  4. Data and Insights: Information about camping trends and statistics.

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You can explore BOOKTAPAK and its impact through media coverage on our website's "Media" or "Press" section. Here, you'll find articles, features, and news stories that provide an in-depth look at our platform and its role in the camping industry.

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