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6 Days, 5 Nights Mount Tahan Expedition

Join us on an exhilarating 6-day, 5-night expedition to conquer Mount Tahan, the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia. Traverse dense rainforests, cross crystal-clear rivers, and tackle challenging terrains as you journey through Taman Negara National Park. Enjoy breathtaking views, diverse wildlife, and the thrill of reaching the summit. This adventure includes guided treks, camping accommodations, and all meals, ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience for both seasoned hikers and adventurous newcomers.


About The Host
Green Trekkers Sdn Bhd

Green Trekkers Sdn Bhd

Green Trekkers came into existence on 17th August 2012. We are a travel agency that focuses primarily in nature expedition arrangements. We love Nature and the inspiration she brings. It is our ‘childhood’ dream to reveal the wonders as who she is and share the adventures with everyone who seeks to know her. Mount Kinabalu and Mulu Caves represent our core business interest. We provide mountain scaling services, caving ventures, island escapades, white water rafting as well as tours to other eco attractions in Sabah, Sarawak, Peninsular Malaysia and beyond. Our sub-activities include pre-climb trainings and consultation, which are to help build the participants’ confidence and awareness they need during the endeavours.

We have been passionately involved in outdoor adventure activities since 1992. Our services are for everyone, from the do-nothing-at-all leisure seekers to the high-spirited traveler!


Things to keep in mind