Introducing the "BOOKTAPAK Awards"

an exclusive recognition for camping enthusiasts who elevate outdoor experiences to unforgettable heights.

To participate in our contest, simply join our Facebook group ‘Camping with BOOKTAPAK Malaysia,’ submit your camping setup, and cast your vote for the best campsite of February. Let the adventure begin!

Facebook group : Camping with BOOKTAPAK Malaysia

January Award

Big thanks to our sponsor DEEPFAITH for generously providing gifts for the winners and lucky participants – cozy beanies and stylish mikihats! 🧢🎁 Visit their Instagram or website

Best Campsite of January

Best Camping Setup - January - Anje Pajelily

February Award

Join us for the thrilling live announcement of the BOOKTAPAK Award winners for February! 🏆 Tune in to our online streaming event on March 7th at 10 PM, hosted by the glamorous influencer PAKCIK.CAMPING! ✨ Special thanks to our sponsor @by_genggam for their support.